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Wanlong Machinery, located in Xiaoshan Economical & Technological Development Zone, occupies total area of 26,700 sq. meters and construction area of 44,000sq. meters. Being a modern enterprise with comprehansive power of casting,machining, special process proceeding, testing, painting, packaging andstocking, Wanlong is able to provide various services to our customers.


Certification and Approvals

Wanlong has obtained all the necessarycertifications and approvals including TS as well as ISO9001 issued by TUVfor quality control system since 2009. Specialcertification TUV3.2 (the third party verification) is available upon customer’srequirement.


Engineering Tools

Tools used in engineering jobs include CAPPand EPDM for drawing processing, SolidWorks for finite element analysis, 3Ddesign, and computer simulation.


Machines and Equipments

1.   Numerical controlled equipment: horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, machining/milling complex,wire-electrode cutting machine, etc.

2.    General equipment: lathes, milling,boring, broaching, drilling, hobbing, grinding and lapping machines, etc.

3.     Special process: PTA process, Arc spray process, Phosphating, thermal spray coating and heattreatment.


Tests and Examinations

Wanlongis able to perform the following in-house tests and examinations:

CMM,Spectrum Analysis, Chemical Analysis, PT Examination, MT Examination, UTExamination, Metallographic Examination, Projection Test, Thickness Test, TensileTest, ImpactTest,

HydraulicTest, Pressure Test and Helium LeakTest


Material Options

Productsare manufactured at Wanlong to a variety of international standards and areavailabe with a wide range of construction materials, including Bronze Alloy,Alloy Steel, Duplex, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron andAluminium.


SAP has been introduced in Wanlong’s dailyoperation. Our warehouse is visually monitored by computer, and customers shallbe able to aware order status from their end.


Product Range

Wanlong’sproduct range covers pump, valve, plate, shafts, housing, wheel and auto parts.

Tailor-madevalves are available upon requirement.