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Wanlong Foundry (Shaoxing Wanlong Precise Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.), located at

 HutangIndustrial Zone, Keqiao, Shaoxing, was established in 2004. It possesss 40,000㎡ facilities and four production lines:



  • Investment Casting- output 160t/month for stainless steel, alloy steel and rare metal

  • Low Temperature LostWax Casting – output 100t/month for stainless steel, alloy steel and rare metal

  • Resin Sand Casting- output 350 t/month for ductile GGG40.3, stainless steel,and carbon steel

  • Sand Casting- output 220 t/month for nonferrous metal


Wanlong Foundry is able to perform electrical discharge wirecutting, laser welding, deburring, passivation, heat treatment, hot work andcold work, and able to ensure quality of precision castparts required by theworld famous manufacturers.


Upon customers’ requirements, castings shall go through spectrum analysis, X-ray analysis, PT Examination,MT Examination, UT Examination, Thickness Test, Tensile Test and ImpactTestwith material test reports. Each bar material shall carry a heat No. for lifelong traceability.


Wanlong Foundry has obtained various certifications and approvals,including TUV ISO 9001 for quality system; PED for pressure vessel; AD2000 formaterial; CCS, DNV, BV and ABS for marine and ship building; TUV3.1 for thethird party verification.


Wanlong Foundry is now focussing on new material development and technicalrenovation in the hope to provide more and better materials to satisfy theincreasing needs of customers.