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Wanlong has a strong engineering team, andshall be able to provide various sevices to our customers, including drawingtranslation, computer simulation, and Non-standard product development, etc.


 ·Drawing Translation

2D drawings, either in hard copies or digital copies,shall be translated into 3D drawings according to the customer’s requirements. Ourengineers shall review and verify customer’s drawings and feed back customerstheir opinions or suggestions on product sizes or forms, based on their professional knowledge.


 ·Computer Simulation

  According to theservice application and the basic information supplied by customers, computer simulation is performed by our engineers, including finite element analysisstressanalysis,fluid analysis and casting analysis on valve parts and assemblies.


  Through fluid analysis, engineers shall be able to reduce or eliminate potential torque, turbulence,cavitationand flow resistance.

  Through casting analysis, engineers shall be able to solve problems involving heat fluid channel,fluid speed, riser head, vent and pattern, etc.


  Wanlong Research Center and Wanlong Foundry both are good at new material development, and shall provide mechanical data report and other material test reports upon customer’srequirement.


 ·Special Service

When there’s aneed to put customer’s design into a standard design, engineers shall work outa feasibility plan after evaluation and make it happen after approval by ourcustomers.


·Test Report

Wanlong is ableto provide valve cycle life test report and gage calibration report, upon customer’s requirement.