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 Bellows Sealed Globe Valve


Bellows sealed globe valves provide reliable services intransmission of hazardous medium, including flammable, explosive, strongpermeable fluids and radioactive fluid. They are recommended in serviceapplications, including chlorine, oxygen, hydrogen, gas and heat-transfer oilfor industries of polyester, filature, PTA, oil, chemical, power and foodprocessing, etc. Zero emissions are guaranteed in these applications. Theproduct is developed by Wanlong after years of study and engineering efforts.The product, with multi-ply bellows, innovative design, excellent performance,is environmental friendly and has well tackled fugitive emmission problems thatfrequently found in similar products.

Design Specification

Design& Manufacture:GB/T 12235 JB/T 10507 API 602 ASME B16.34

MSS SP-117

Face-toFace Dimension: GB/T12221 ASME B16.10

EndConnection: GB/T 12224ASME B16.25

Pressure-TemperatureRatings: GB/T 9131 ASMEB16.34 H420592

Test& InspectionGB/T 13927 GB/T 9092 API 598

HeliumLeak Test:API 602  MSS SP-117

Each valve, from casting to assembly, shall be tested100% in conformance with the requirements of the related standards. Pleasefollow instruction for mounting.

Performance Specification





EndConnection:Butt welded

Note: Pleaseprovide detailed information about valves to be ordered, including media,pressure-temperature ratings, end connection. When actuators are required,please advise supply pressure, operating speed, control element type, parts andaccessories, etc.

Standard materials are shown inthe table. Consult Wanlong for special requirements.