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Pneumatic Film Single Seat Regulating Valve


Design Standard

Design & Manufacture:GB/T4213-2008   GB/T17213.3-2005

Test & Inspection:GB/T4213-2008



Precise control on gas or liquid with pre-determined pressure, temperature, speed and fluid level. Recommend in applications where high flux rate, big pressure contrast, and low emission are required.



1.Compact design and high performance. Parts are inter-changeable within series.

2.Metal seal provides excellent services in various applications. Leakage rate IV for metal seal valve; Leakage rate VI for elastomer seal valve.

3.The channel is designed for maximum flux rate and minimum resistance.

4.Wide range for regulating. Available regulating rate is up to 50%.

5.Streamline of the pass way in the shape of “S”. Minimum pressure drop, maximum pressure contrast, less noises, the valve is environmental friendly.