Thermo Globe Valve with Bellows

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Design Standard

     Design and manufacturing standards: GB/T 12235

•      Structure lengthstandard: GB/T 12221

•      Connection flangestandard: GB/T 9113, HG/T20592

•      Pressuretemperature rating: GB/T 12224

•      Test andinspection standards: GB/T 13927, JB/T9092, API598


Temperature Control Bellows Sealed GlobeValve are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, foodindustry. Steam or other agents are injected into the jacket to ensure normalcirculation of mediums thathave a tendency to solidify, crystallize or having high viscosity at room temperature.


a. Jacket is of integral design, the jacket seam is fully welded, and isinspected 100% via Xray test;

b. Achieve 0 leaking with Bellow seal plussecondary gland filler seal.

c. Integral valve body design, wire seal, carbide alloysealing surface;

d. Sink type valve cover, protecting thebellows from the media erosion;

e. The opening at the bottom of the coverallows sufficient medium entering into the gap between the bellow pipe and thevalve cover. By heating the temperature of the upper part of the bellow pipe toensure the sensitive  action of the valveparts;

f. Finite element analysis, simulation ofthe valve cavity and the temperature of the conduction of the parts, to ensurethe effectiveness of parts. This can be customized for customers to offer thebest solution.