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The Company provides pneumatic actuator or electricactuator coupled with Wanlong valves. The customer is able to choose from actuators we recommend or a specific actuator shall be assembled to a Wanlong valve upon the customer’s requirement.

1.Pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic actuator, a piston type actuator with a simple structure of gear and rack having
a long travel stop with great driving forces, is well used in industries of power plant, chemical, refinery, etc.

1)Quick movement
2)High reliability
3)Easy maintenance
4)Great out put power
5)Explosion proof

2.Electric actuator
Electric actuator is commonly used in industries of power, steel, water andchemical, etc.

1)Auto-lock function to retain valve in the last position, avoiding unnecessary travel of the valve under the line pressure.
2)Adapted to DC 1500 times
3)Precise control
4)Travel stop
5)Power-off or signal-off protection
6)Hand device (no need using clutch when power-off)