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Plug Valve

Plug Valve designed by Wanlong is for on-off applications and is widely usedin industries, including oil, chemical, gas, LNG, HVAC and oil fields forexploitation, transmission and refinery. The features include compact design,low flow resistance and minimium flux losing; Unique design prevents static andfire and ensures operation safety; other features include low torque, lowcoefficient of friction, free rotation of the plug; New lining material, PTFE-PHB, has advantage of abrasion and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, high creepstrength,longer service life at elevated temperatures; no seizing, no blocking, self-cleaning to prevent build up of entrapped particulates;



Design Features

a.    Additional seal on theplug to double ensure bubble-tight shutoff and gurantee zero emissions;

b.    Multiple options for control systems (e.g. pneumatic andelectric actuators); no need to revise the original design.

c.    Top entry bolts for quick and easy on-line adjustment; asimple turn of the bolt could effectively adjust the seal and redusingmaintenance;

d.    Positioner to indicate valve status;

e.    Self-adjusting plug compensates for wear; with innovativedesign, precision casting and state-of-the-arts machining, optimum seal andminimum torque are guaranteed.