Bellows Gate Valve

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Design and manufacture:API602、BS5352、MSS SP-117、ASME B16.34
Face-to-face dimension: Screwed and socket weld ends, consult Wanlong
                                   Flanged and butt weld ends  ASME B16.10
End connection: Socket welded ASME B16.11;
                        Butt welded ASME B16.25;
                        Screwed end ASME B1.20.1;
                        Flanged end ASME B16.5Construction:  BB.OS&Y / WB.OS&Y
Test and inspection:API598、API602


The valves is designed for aggressive applications, especially in transmission of hazardous substances, including flammable, explosive and toxic line medium either liquid, steam, gas, dust, powder, granule or oil. The valve is widely used in industries, including chemical, petrochemical, oil, LNG, refining, mining, power, textile, food & beverage, pulp & paper, water & waste water, phamaceutical and HVAC, etc.

Gate valve is for shutoff purpose, it can’t be used for regulating.



1.Compact design. The size of our gate valve is 28%~45.4% shorter than valves of similar diameter.
2.Zero leakage. All valves are Helium leak tested 100%.
3.Multi-ply bellows, enclosure type, provide maximum service life.
4.Wedged-shape with double sealings. In case sealing is failed on one side, the sealing on the other side shall function just well. 
5.Gland packing is provided for excessive guarantee.
6.Straight-through channel design. The valve is low torque, low flow resistance, hight flux rate and is energy saving.